All About Mark Black

All About Mark Black

Terry Black's

City: Austin / Dallas, Texas

Part of a legendary Central Texas BBQ family, the Black family has been smoking top tier meats since the 1930s.  Terry brought Blacks to Austin with his own style. Thats where Mark Black and his siblings come into play.  With an ever expanding business, Terry Blacks is already one of the biggest (and most consistent) barbecue in the nation. Terry’s has  numerous visits from press all around the world and continuously high ranking on the Texas Monthly Top 50 list

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PitCo Passes are unlimited and available for all.

What events do you plan on being at?

We plan on attending numerous events through out the country in 2023 and for years to come. Stay tuned for more details. Make sure you follow PitCo and Brendan Lamb on Instagram as well.

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Your membership will be tracked using blockchain technology so it will be possible for you to transfer or sale it privately or on the open market.

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PitCo Passes will be available forever. There is no planned date to stop selling them in the future.