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PitCo is the Pitmaster Collective, a group of people who love BBQ and have made it their lives. We have Pitmasters from around the United States, some of the most highly acclaimed BBQ restaurants in the country, and manufacturers of the best gear we all use. All these people, places, and brands are coming together to make something special for you, the BBQ superfan.

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PitCo Membership


A minimum 10% discount at restaurants

Secret recipes and insider tips from some of the best Pitmasters in the game.

Skip the line at participating barbecue spots (coming soon).

Tailored member experiences like guest chef webinars and virtual masterclasses.

Exclusive discounts from an assortment of premium brand partners.

Members-only PitCo Journeys that offer opportunities to earn valuable rewards along the way.

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The Road Ahead

We’re in this for the long haul—that’s life when you’re a Pitmaster. Follow along as we hit all our goals.

Initial Launch

We are kicking things off with a bang. Check out the great line up of restaurants we will be working with.


We’re partnering with some of the best brands in the BBQ space and brands that we just think you'll dig to bring you even more benefits.

Party it up

We will be attending events accross the country offering you VIP experiences and Meat and Greets at BBQ events you are going to love.

Get ready to do it all again next year

We are going to run it all back even bigger and better next year. More perks, more BBQ, more fun. We will attend even more events in even more places and add new features for media and community to the website.


BrendAn Lamb

Brendan is a Live Fire/BBQ Instructor that has traveled the world, spreading the gospel of Central Texas Style Barbecue.  Best known for helping start some of the top tier of bbq restaurants around the nation as well as teaching BBQ classes.  You may have seen Brendan on Food Network’s BBQ Brawl or other cooking/outdoor shows or heard his podcast, the Blamb Show.  Brendan is currently traveling across the country, doing Live Fire events and teaching classes. Follow him on social media.

The PitCo Pass is the brain child of Brendan and his friends at Tronic. Brendan's passion for BBQ, family, and good times is shared by everyone on the team.

About the Restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

How many memberships are available?

PitCo Passes are unlimited and available for all.

What events do you plan on being at?

We plan on attending numerous events through out the country in 2023 and for years to come. Stay tuned for more details. Make sure you follow PitCo and Brendan Lamb on Instagram as well.

Can I resell/transfer/gift my membership?

Your membership will be tracked using blockchain technology so it will be possible for you to transfer or sale it privately or on the open market.

How long will PitCo Passes be available for?

PitCo Passes will be available forever. There is no planned date to stop selling them in the future.